3 simple steps to create your dream job and becoming financially independent

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Everyone on the planet wants to learn how they can become financially independent. Not everyone wants millions, but we all want to get rid of the financial stress, with all right.

In this post, I’ve tried to simplify the steps that I believe can help you on your way to becoming financially independent.

Frankly, I could write hundreds of thousands of words about this subject, but I’m not gonna make it more complicated than needed. Also, I’m not gonna make a list of 39 things you need to do – such list doesn’t really exist.

Instead, I’ll be as honest as possible and just simplify it into 3 simple steps (or mental frameworks).

If I had 1 hour left to live, and was about to tell you everything important I know about choosing what vocation to follow, this would be it.

1. Find that thing that you can do for the rest of your life

Find out what really interests you. Something that you can do for hours and not get tired of. I’m talking about your passions.

And be sure to not pick something just because you know a little something about it, like the family business or your previous line of work. The worst thing in the world is getting good at the wrong thing.

You can become financially independent doing anything you want

The good thing about the abundant world we are living in today, it doesn’t really matter what your passion is, finding a way to create an income around anything is surely possible and very realistic nowadays.

The only people who don’t believe in this, is people stuck in the old world, and they will for sure not become financially independent (at least not doing what they love). Remember, there’s always a generation gap, and everyone has different beliefs, so don’t give up because other people’s inability to see opportunities.

If you have a passion for it, it probably means there are other people who have a passion for it. That means there is a demand. If you can offer entertainment, solve a problem, save people time or money, you are providing value.  If you can provide value, you will receive value back.

How to find out your passion?

None can really answer this for you. But I’ll tell you a story.

I had a nice encounter with a a 48 year old man today, three years ago he just randomly decided to try something new. Flyboarding it’s called. It’s a cool watersport, basically looks like a pair of jet-boots that makes you fly in the air with the help of water pressure, running on a jetski engine.

It was just a normal day for him. He was in this little bay, in front of some restaurants, doing amazing tricks in the water. After he finished, I had a small 10 minute walk with him. He’s actually the 4:th best in the world at it, and managed to create a business around it. He was out marketing himself today, while enjoying his passion at the same time.

You could really see that he was having the time of his life and he told me that he still gets adrenaline rushes from this daily. This man found the key to transform his work into play, and earn a good living from it.

You can also become this man. Even if your passions might not be clear to you today, it’s up to you to make them clear. If you really don’t have a clue what you want to do, go out and do stuff until you find out.

What is your thing? Ask yourself that daily until you find out.

2. Start today – transform your passion into profit

Finding your thing and sticking to it, is a big win already. Time to make it reality, because lets face it, no matter how inspired, or how great your plans are, you still haven’t moved one inch closer to your dream.

Most common trap – lack of execution

Ideas, thoughts and visions are of no value if not applied. This is what you have to understand from this day on. The only thing that actually matters, is what you do. Knowledge not applied, is knowledge wasted.

The moment you move from thinking to doing, you’ll start feeling even more inspired. The vision will become clearer, and you’ll find solutions instead of problems.

If you want to achieve something, take a small step. Don’t think about the next step. Instead, have faith that the road will become clearer with time, but only if you move closer towards it. The only way to move closer towards it is to act and do.

Where should I start?

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start. If you start, you’re more likely to finish. However there is no need to quit your job, invest all your money into your new business and ignore real life completely. Small steps.

It’s all about doing something small on a daily basis to create momentum and eventually that will become steam enough for you to give it 100%. Even if just symbolic, the idea is to take action. Once action is taken, it’s more likely that you will keep going.

If you want to write a book, start writing pages today. You don’t know who would be interested to read it. We all have different styles. If your want to become an architect, start building things. If you want to become a lawyer, go to a courtroom and study the people there. You don’t know where things leads to.

If you want to become a personal trainer, start training people. You could go to the gym, find an ambitious newbie and offer him free coaching. Give him your full dedicated personal training, make his body unbelievable great. Buy €50 worth of Facebook marketing in your local area with the ads consisting of before and after pictures of your client.

Do everything that can be done that day. Don’t judge yesterday’s work, or try to do tomorrow’s work. Just focus on what you’re going to do today.

3. Learn everything about it  – never stop expanding

Learn everything you can about your passion. And learn everything you can about business. Combining these two will eventually lead you into the goldmine.

Fail and experiment more than everyone else

Although you’re not the only one trying to make money, many markets today are not saturated. Follow this advice and you will be five steps ahead everyone.

Most people are afraid of failure, which will be your advantage. You will not be afraid of failure, instead you’ll embrace it. Fail fast and soon your past experience will point you into the right direction. You can never fail, either you learn, or you win.

What learning method works better for you?

The best way to learn is highly individual. Don’t follow what works for someone else, instead find out what works for you. How do you learn fast?

Personally I learn easiest by doing. Books and user manuals only creates a big mess in my mind. I go directly into doing, and practicing with practicality. I believe that simplicity is key in everything.

After doing something, I may watch videos or read guides that is directly applicable to what I have been doing, but mostly just to improve. Since I have already been through the process of doing it, my mind absorbs the information much better and I can therefore apply it better next time.

Internet is opening up amazing opportunities for everyone. There is nothing you can’t find.

There are resources and people available for anyone who takes the time to seek them. The worst excuse is when someone refrains from doing something entirely for the cause that they don’t know how to do it.

Never ever let yourself be a victim of this horrifying mindset. If you want to learn something, it’s up to you to learn it.

I hope this at least gave you some inspiration to continue on your journey. I have myself been financially independent for almost a decade (read how I started making money online), and can assure you – there’s no shortcuts. You really need to take up a shovel and dig.

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Johannes Larsson
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