7 benefits of blogging – why you should have a blog

Lots of people are blogging today, and we are sharing more than ever before. Everyone can share their perspective and it will definitely help someone out there. But are we blogging just to kill time, or are we creating value?

You can tell the world in a thousands words and some pictures about that cappuccino you had for lunch, or you can share inspiration and knowledge about your passions to elevate your readers. Both takes the same amount of energy.

There's many good reasons why I'm keeping up my blogging, and I can only see those reasons now that I am blogging. Before, I believe it was a huge waste of time. But there's more to it than just typing on your keyboard. You could actually benefit in many ways. Let me share my ideas about the benefits of blogging.

1. Make a living by blogging

The opportunity to earn a full time living from your blog is there, and it's possible to achieve if you can create enough value for other people. It might be a few years, and it will surely take lots of work and dedication, but the internet gives so much opportunities.

You can earn money on anything. I might get more into details in another blog post later.

2. Blogging improves your language skills

Actually writing on a daily basis gives you way faster development than taking an English class for instance. Make it a point to always find the right words and expand your vocabulary whenever needed. I make use of synonym websites where you can pick up so many more suiting words.

Spelling errors are automatically corrected if you use a known blogging software like WordPress or Blogspot.

3. Writing makes you remember stuff better

Most of the things I blog about, I am in the process of learning myself. Writing about it makes it easier for me to absorb the knowledge and apply it. If you are studying for a test, or simply just want to become better at something: write about it!

4. A good way to express yourself

Sharing with the world feels good. Even if it might be hard in the beginning, always wondering what people could think, it’s a things you will move past. Also it feels fantastic knowing that you are creating content that 1) will inspire and help people, 2) will always be available to anyone for free.

5. Market yourself through a blog

Putting yourself out there is a good way to get attention. Make sure people know what you stand for, your skills and talents and what kind of person you are. You never know who reads your blog.

Maybe the CEO of very successful company falls in love with your writing and your perspective of things, which could open doors and land you jobs.

6. You can inspire other people, and yourself

If you want to do something, it's more likely you're going to do it if you write about. Make a list of your wildest dreams, or the goals of the year. It will be more likely that you will make them come true.

Sometimes I find myself just starting out with a small vision, then writing about it, and the whole puzzle is there in front of me.

It's like a light on a dark road, you have to keep moving to discover more, or you will always be stuck in the same position. Blogging inspires me to move forward.

7. Meet great people

There are so many great friends out there in the world that you can connect with. You probably don't even know they exist at this stage but I can guarantee that you will find many like minded people out there that think like you and share your vision, and together you can help to build each other's business.

Written by
Johannes Larsson
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  • This is exactly what i was needing to read today. It opened up my eyes! Blog is an awesome personal development tool.

  • Very nice read explaining the big benefits of blogging.
    Bit confused about the difference between a website and a blog.
    If you could touch upon it, wiil be nice.
    Thank you