7 health changes for more success as an entrepreneur

Being healthy is not all about eating those green veggies. There's more to it. I started being healthy about a year ago. I haven't been sick once since, my business is blooming and I'm overall a much happier person. Health affects everything. You can't see it until you're doing it. Being healthy is a big science but I'll at least try to give the most important parts and give you a hint of how it affects your success in everything you do.

I believe almost every entrepreneur sooner or later comes to the point where they wake up and realise we need to start taking good care of themselves to reach our highest potential. How we feel and how healthy we are, affects our results.

Exactly how boring should you get?

Now I might come across a little bit like a health maniac, but sometimes you need go all in if you want to feel and get to be the best. Not thinking short term will always benefit in the long term. So simply put, you need to sacrifice things that feel good today, but are 100 times more beneficial in the long term.

And if we're going to work hard to achieve what we want, lets make sure it's worth it when we get there. It might be financial freedom, abundance, success, wealth and fame, or something else. Would it not be a shame to disregard the most important thing, our health? Without a good health, the other things don't mean much.

I'll write down my experiences and my accomplishments the last year of the health changes I have made, that have changed my life for the better and is still continuing doing so. Do you know how much difference it actually makes to serve your body? Life gets much easier.

1. Eat right.

Eating right doesn't necessarily mean eating healthy 24/7, it's about eating the right things for you, and I believe this is so individual. I'm not going to argue for or against any diet. There is no expert who can tell which diet is the perfect one. Your body can only tell you so.

Some people are sensitive to gluten, some people can't eat too much fat.  Some are fine drinking one glass of milk a day, others get to experience a baloon-belly. Find what works for you, and be sure to stick to your diet.

There is however some things that all experts and different diets are fully agreeing on:

  • Vegetables are good for you.
  • Processed foods are bad for you.

If you follow those two rules, you'll go a long way diet-wise.

If your goal is to bulk up and gain optimal amount of muscles, then eating that chocolate cake before a gym session might even be beneficial to you. Extra energy for better performance at the gym, even though that is not the best energy source. If your goal is to become leaner, then you need to avoid food without good nutrition.

Get to know your food.

2. Relax more, stress less

Easier said than done, but if you learn to master this, your life will become a lot easier. It's not about never being put in a stressful situation, but being able to handle it. Stress will come to you at times, and you can't help it. You can only help how you respond to it.

Something that really urged me to wanting to control my stress, was learning about how hormones works.

Whenever you are stressed, you're producing cortisol and other stress hormones. Naturally, we need those, to be able to fight lions and escape real danger. But when the body is constantly producing these stress hormones, it's super bad for you.

Your body is in break-down mode, meaning it's focusing entirely on survival. Its ability to heal wounds, grow muscles, nurture organs, produce other vital hormones, are drastically weakened whenever you're stressed. You get nervous, your mind feels foggy, everything gets harder.

So you don't want to be stressed more than needed.

You can manage stress in many ways, but it's not nothing you learn overnight. It's something that you need to study and practice.

  • One thing that surely helps, is breathing deep. Sometimes when you're stress, you feel that you're suffocating. That's because you are. You need to get more oxygen into your brain in order to get back to thinking clear again.
  • Another thing is to imagine the worst case scenario in whatever you're doing. Even if you will fail now, does it really matter that much? We tend to magnify things a lot. Zoom out and think about what's really on stake.

“Go as fast as you can, but never hurry. Remember, in that moment you begin to hurry, you seize to be a creator, and become a competitor.”

3. Limit alcohol

Alcohol is a poison for your body. Everyone knows this, yet none cares because everyone is doing it, so it's normal. Now I don't believe in going to extremes so completely quitting is not an option here. Last year though, I did start to drink because of the taste, not to get drunk. Instead of going out to get drunk, I'm just going out. I might have a drink, I might not, depends on my mood.

Not drinking excessively saves you money, but more importantly, it saves you time. Your mind being drunk, makes you unable to think clearly. And the next day you're lagging like a internet with 5 kb/s. Stay in high-speed fiber mode as much as you can to always be in a state of creating.

4. Quit smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is a slow death. However, we tell ourselves that i's just temporary, and that we will quit one day. Unfortunately, the longer we smoke, the harder it is to stop. So most people are trapped forever, if they are with that mindset. I used to smoke for a couple of years only, thankfully I started to cough blood, so it was an easy decision to stop. Smoke-free since August 2013.

I also decided to quit snus (a Swedish tobacco) one year later. So completely nicotine free. Your body starts loving you. Easier to breath, food taste better, no cough, better immune defence. I could make a huge list. Do the research for yourself.

5. Exercise daily

Throughout my teenage years I was not interested in exercising at all. I regret that deeply when seeing my body decay during the years. I decided to start working out at the gym a couple of years ago, and since then I've become more interested in exercising and staying healthy. Transformed my body from a fat blob to a healthy good looking one.

It doesn't have to be lifting weights for everyone. Find something that make you sweat and that you enjoy. Martial arts, swimming, sports, gymnastics, running etc.

6. Replace soda with water

I'm sorry to put you in a tough position, because we all love soda, but I can't disregard the fact that soda is terrible for our bodies. The studies are not that far in development yet, however we do know for sure the amount of artificial substances in soda is not something that your body wants at all.

Moreover, water is very beneficial to drink plenty of, so if you can replace water with soda, it's a double win.

Not going in-depth about the horrible facts about soda, but please, do your research.

7. Sleep better

Sleep is vital for success, and it's highly underestimated. Sleep is what makes you being able to function. Therefore, the better you sleep, the better you function. The better you function, the more ideas and the more energy you will get to recreate life the way you want it.

Some people have the idea that entrepreneurs are successful because we're up early in the mornings, working hard until late at night, getting merely a couple hours of sleep. No successful entrepreneurs that I know of do that. Because you can't be successful doing that, for a extended period of time.

I have taken the importance of my sleep to an extreme nowadays. I refuse to book early meetings, lunches or appointments. If I'm given the choice, I'll spend the double amount of money on a flight ticket if the hours are better.

Do your research on how to sleep good. Make it your priority. Don't let people disturb you when you sleep.

Written by
Johannes Larsson
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  • These small lifestyle changes have a huge impact on each aspect of our life – relationship, carrer, self improviment. Thanks for remind me of this! :)

  • I did some (not all!) of them myself starting a couple of months ago and it has definately helped me to stay top of things instead of behind which I could feel sometimes before. Many of them are related and affect eachother e. When you limit your alcohol intake you get a better sleep. When you excersise, you eat and sleep better. Getting a full nights sleep has increassed output by 50% i would say, s o I’ll stay in the loop for a while ;-)

  • Hi Johannes!
    Greetings from Sri Lanka from another expat!
    I found your blog because looking up information about living in Malta. (Curiously looking up options of where my next “adventure” could be)
    Ended up reading several posts! Great stuff and very inspiring, thanks and keep up the good stuff!