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Looking for the “right” business

I get quite some people sending me emails and showing gratitude for my blog posts these days, which is a very warming – thanks a lot you people!

The emails are usually about something that tends to make a lot of people very stuck and procrastinate.The emails usually go something like this:

“Hey man, I’ve been reading your blog and appreciate that you are sharing your experience, it is really inspiring. I feels so excited and ready to start living my dreams now. I’m on my way to creating my own business, but I have just one question for you that’s holding me back: What business should I start?”

The bad news is that there probably isn’t a right business for you.

The problem with finding the right business

I’m no expert in career searching or path finding for that matter, but something I have learnt when it comes to deciding your business niche is that it’s something you can’t find by searching.

It’s something you grow into gradually.

Focusing on finding the perfect business for you is really the worst thing you can do as a first step to create your business. The overpursuit of finding that “right” business makes sure you’re gonna stay stuck on square one.

Start where you are and build on any business, and eventually you’ll evolve and get pulled towards something you enjoy more, but as mentioned, this is a gradual process.

So, what should you focus on instead?

Instead of looking for the right opportunity or seeking ruthlessly on finding the market with least competition, there is something else that will surely have a higher impact on your success.

Focus on providing value. Usually that includes solving a complex problem, or, save people time or money.

What market you choose is less relevant. There’s people making money in every business.

The question in matter is not whether you open the right door, but that you jump in with both feet in whatever door you choose.

Ask yourself: how can you create a product or service, in any market, that solves a problem, or save either time or money for the people using it?

Then of course you actually have to create something valuable, but this is a process you learn as you go. Usually it’s becoming more skilled and more dedicated than everyone else and simply just outperforming by working hard and working smart.

Be a bit better than your competitors, and it’s a matter of time before your services or products will outperform theirs. There’s never any traffic jam on the extra mile.

That’s it. There’s not a lot more to it than that. You can read dozens of book and get inspired by self help guys (and that could help a lot), but the best advice you’ll ever get from me personally is..

Don’t look too much. Start now, where you are, with the tools you have in your hand. Learn what you need to know as you go.


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