The Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Why Traveling And Working At The Same Time Is Awesome

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Why Traveling And Working At The Same Time Is Awesome


The digital nomad lifestyle, what is that?

While I don't use the term “digital nomad” too freely, it does explain my activities very well.

Traveling full time and working digitally, makes you in fact a digital nomad.

Let me explain the beauty of the digital nomad lifestyle in this post.

I just arrived in Thailand after some cold but good weeks in London and Stockholm. Celebrated the holidays with my family and it was as usual really lovely. Traditions are even better when your everyday life is escaping routine.

I'm currently located in jungle of Koh Samui, one of Thailand's biggest island. I'm here with a good friend of mine, relaxing, exploring and getting good work done. We're also visiting Kuala Lumpur, Goa, Delhi, Dubai and Istanbul before returning to Malta.

I've been talking before about why setting up an online business has so many benefits for lifestyle, but here I'll tell you why actually getting out there and traveling is big part of that.

Being a digital nomad – why the lifestyle is balanced

Lets sum it up like this: if you ever get the chance to work remotely and travel around the world, take it! It's the best lifestyle I can possible dream of.

Traveling by itself is of course great – for some time. But just traveling around doesn't offer the satisfaction and contentment that comes out of being productive and accomplishing things.

The combination of learning more about new cultures and while going on exciting adventures – and at the same time, generating value and building a business for yourself, is of course the hitting the nail on the head.

Only traveling, without doing anything, for longer periods of time bores me out completely. I can't stay way from work for even more than a day without feeling abstinence.

Not so much because I can't fill my days with other stuff, but simply because I love the combo of enjoying life and being productive. Besides, you can't spend 16 hours per day just exploring new beaches.

I love traveling, but only if I can spend time building on my dreams, at least a part of my day. That will make the other part, the relaxing or sightseeing, more interesting too. If you're constantly sightseeing and exploring for months, it gets a bit old.

Traveling around as a nomad – does the productivity go down?

In contrary to what you might think, the productivity goes up, not down.

It's true that I probably spend less time in front of the computer doing actual work, but the work I do gets done more efficiently and my productivity increases a lot. Mainly due to the fact that I'm never as creative as when I'm traveling.

According to multiple studies, your brain is more creative when you are being given new experiences and exposed to new environment. So whenever a pattern or a routine is broken, your mind switches from autopilot to creative thinking.

You get more inspired and find better ways to accomplish things. Really, it's insane how a new world of problem solving opens up right in front of you. Not exaggerating here!

Living your dream while you're working on your dream

Living the free life you're working for, swimming and relaxing in the sea, sipping coconuts and being in nature makes you appreciate the work you do much more.

If you're already experiencing the dream life that the hard work resulted in, you'll feel more inspired to keep going.

Just stacking up your money in the bank, sitting in an office, building plans on how those resources will be used in a far distant future, is not gonna motivate you. Maybe you would like to think so, but the case is seldom so. You need to absorb the value you create.

I've seen this principle of creativity being true many times, especially on my 6 months trip that I made last year. My business bloomed. I was actually working less hours, probably around 5-6 per day. My mind was forced to find new ways to get the same results in a more effective way.

We never grew so quickly and I hired a bunch of great guys to do what I used to do, only better and more effective.

The digital nomad lifestyle may not be something you want to keep up with forever. It definitely has a price as well, no doubt.

I might make a post later on about the pros and cons about being a digital nomad and showcase what the different lifestyles offers – as I've been on both sides (stuck in office full time, traveling the world full time).

Meanwhile, if you're interested to learn more about what I do, you can check out my story about how I began to make money online.

You can also check out my affiliate marketing course, that will teach you how to start making money online for free.

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Johannes Larsson
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  • 3 years ago, sick of living in the rat race and chasing more money and more stuff, I gave up my apartment, started traveling n took my marketing work remote to support myself. It is definitively not the easy, cushy way to go. Read about your affiliate program and excited to explore.

  • inherited my dad’s construction material shop. I have no interest in this but doing it just for money to maintain family. I have no other solution. Reading this article I see so many benefits of starting an online business. The one which impresses me the most is to start an online business that relates to my passion. I can clearly see that I will be much more happy doing that than just selling bricks & windows. Moreover I can continue my present business. Thanks for openning a new window in my life.

    • I am so pleased it could help! You could create a fantastic online business alongside running your shop, without a doubt. Let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

  • I studied & prepared for a 9 to 5 job. But after 1 year feel so miserable. Will be joining your affiliate course soon. Ramro chhe!!

  • I have been doing this for the past 2 years. It is a nice experience. But to live this lifestyle one needs to be really smart and needs to be complete in sync with changes.