How to Stay Productive During Quarantine – 9 Ways Level Up From Home

How to Stay Productive During Quarantine – 9 Ways Level Up From Home

How to Stay Productive and Level up During Your Quarantine Time

Staying productive during quarantine and in difficult times requires some extra effort.

Just a few months ago, most of us couldn’t have imagined even in their wildest dreams that a global crisis will shake everyone’s lives in such a cardinal way as this virus has done so far.

Almost no one is unaffected by the current situation. A lot of people have lost their livelihood and many are trying to figure out how to be productive during quarantine at home and how to stay positive in a negative world.

We’re all living in uncertainty. But in the middle of all this mayhem, one thing is certain: where you put your energy during these times will dictate whether you're going to come out from this crisis as a better person, or let yourself sink.

It’s definitely possible for you to be both more successful and more empowered after the current global crisis has ended, if you put your willpower to use.

Here's 9 tips to help you get ideas on how you can level up and how to stay productive during quarantine.

9 Ways To Be Productive During Quarantine

A question we all pondering is how to be productive during quarantine. Despite the fact that the whole globe closed down, we still need to get stuff done.

Here's some things you should focus on to keep high productivity during quarantine.

1. Work on things you've put off 🖌️

No matter how weird it might seem, quarantine time can be a blessing.


Because it has given you the best gift there is: time.

As you have more free time on your hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on projects you’ve long put off.

Have you always wanted to learn a new skill? Work more on your hobbies? Start a company?

Don’t waste this time by just sitting and doing nothing, or worse, spending your time reading updates about what's going on. Whatever you’ve put off before due to lack of time, now’s the time to work on it!

Maybe this is a good time to learn how to create a passive income from home?

2. Learn to meditate 🧘

A good way to stay productive during quarantine is to meditate. This is one of the best productivity boosters for me personally.

To start your journey into better emotional health, you should learn to embrace your feelings. And for that, there's no better cure than meditation.

Take this self-isolation time and learn to meditate, so you could start connecting your mind and body.

You can look up meditation videos and guides even from YouTube – you'll find a plethora of useful materials to guide you.

3. Keep exercising and eating well 🥦

Staying at home in self-isolation is no excuse to eat junk food or stay in the bed all day. Quite the opposite!

Now that you have loads of time in your hands, learn more about healthy habits. To start with, keep in mind these 3 key things:

  1. Make all meals from scratch – home-cooked meals are always the healthiest options.
  2. Start with an exercise regimen. Not being able to go to the gym doesn't mean you can't exercise! There are plenty of easy workout routines to follow at home.
  3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

Remember: The more you work on self-care and becoming healthier, the better you’ll feel about yourself and the more energy you’ll have for self-development and making the most out of this.

4. Get the right tools for remote work 🧰

While you are stuck at home during shelter-at-home orders, you'll need to rely on different online tools to get your work done productively.

But the good news is that if you set up all the tools you need, nothing is stopping you from achieving your goals. Procrastination can’t sneak up on you that easily if your to-do list is nicely organized!

There’s a tool for virtually every task imaginable, from scheduling and organizing to reporting and designing. Here's how to be more productive at home with different online tools:

  • Slack: for communication
  • Asana: for ultra-organized to-do lists
  • Dropbox: for quick file sharing
  • Trello: for neat project management
  • Evernote: for quick notes
  • WorkFlowy: for the most organized lists
  • Freedom: for removing distractions
  • Toggl: for time tracking
  • Canva: for quick (and awesome-looking) designs

Tools make all the difference and what's even better, they are all at your disposal. Use them and use them wisely!

Looking for work? Check out this guide on how to work remotely from home.

5. Set up a daily routine 📅

The lockdown made most people feel as if the whole world is now in the middle of chaos. During times like this, it's especially good to have some sort of structure in your life since it helps to comfort your mind.

The key to success here lies in planning. Here's how to be more productive at home:

  • Set up very specific small tasks. For example, instead of “Send out some outreach emails”, set your plan to “Send out 10 outreach emails on Monday”. Bite-size tasks won't overwhelm you and will give you a clear focus.
  • Plan out every day. Include even exercising or “play-time” in your weekly plan.
  • Keep in mind your personal habits. Don't try to follow someone else's planning style. Your routine should work for YOUR lifestyle!
  • Use online productivity tools (like the ones above) to create to-do lists.

Don't count on your inner motivation and willpower to guide you. Plan for your success and then follow that plan meticulously.

In fact, most of the richest people in the world are strict about their daily routines.

6. Stay connected with people 📲

Now that you are isolated, you might feel lonelier since you can’t spend so much time with your friends or colleagues but don’t forget that self-isolation doesn’t mean isolating yourself from human connection.

As long as you have a phone and internet connection, you can still actively connect with people!

If you’ve had to close your business for a while and step away from clients, it doesn’t mean you need to isolate yourself from them. Instead, be even more active in social media, connect with your customers, and show them you’re there for them.

Connecting with people is not rocket science. Just be there for others and show you care.

7. Take care of your mental health 😊

At the beginning of self-isolation time, many felt as if they now need to go into a “superman” mode where they instantly become 10 times more productive.

It’s completely okay to feel that pressure.

But you need to realize that your mental health comes first. No one expects you to figure out this whole situation instantly and become a well-oiled machine overnight. No one expects you to know exactly how to stay positive in a negative world.

To practice emotional awareness and acceptance, follow these simple principles:

  • Let yourself feel your emotions – it's okay to be a little bit down in times like these. Don't just bottle everything up.
  • Take some time to lay in the bed or do something that brings you joy. Don't rush yourself.
  • Say positive affirmations. For example: “All of my emotions empower me. I'm strong and filled with positive energy.”
  • Keep a diary where you scribble down things you're thankful for. Do this every morning, first thing after waking up.

8. Help your community 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽

Times of crisis bring up another good opportunity: to care about your community more and help others.

Even if you’re in quarantine, you can still help and support your community:

  • Show empathy, compassion, and love towards others
  • Donate to relief funds or your local institutions
  • Offer your help to charities
  • Share news about your local businesses

Do whatever you can to support your community – the more people offer their helping hand, the easier the whole situation becomes for everyone. Plus, doing good will make you feel good!

9. Do things that make you happy 🏆

During a crisis such as this, everything can seem dark and gloomy. That's why it's especially important to take your focus off the negative and put your energy towards things that bring you joy.

For example, if you've always enjoyed baking, use your self-isolation time to bake more. If you like art, order some supplies online and work more on your passion projects.

It's important to not only focus on how to be more productive, but also how to keep our happiness.

In the middle of all the craziness, we tend to forget what makes us happy. Positive energy is the one force that will get you through any hardship. Remember, every obstacle will pass and only makes you stronger and better. If you're wondering how to stay positive in a negative world, that's the key!

Don't take self-isolation as a punishment. Take it as a gift that helps you become an even more awesome version of yourself!

Written by
Johannes Larsson
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  • Thank you for such an inspiring post or I may say a post for everyone to read.
    Even the toughest person around me has cracked, not even keeping in touch. The ones who do, only talk about how the world is coming to an end.
    I will hold to my chest a few lines from your blog –
    “I’m strong and filled with positive energy.”
    “Doing good will make me feel good!”
    “I will put my energy towards things that bring me joy”
    “Every obstacle will pass and only make me stronger and better”
    “I will not take self-isolation as a punishment. I will take it as a gift that will make me become an even more awesome version of myself!”

  • It is an inspiring article to read, I was having a messed up head and going through your article motivated me to look things positively & go on ..

    • That’s so good to hear. It’s easy to feel totally overwhelmed right now but we can also find positives in the situations and ways to get through it stronger. Wishing you the best!

  • These COVID times has been really hard on my family (we both lost our jobs) so I definitely needed to read this. Thanks for sharing Johannes.

    • Very sorry to hear that, Rob. I’m sure you have only good things ahead and I’m wishing the best for you and your family.

    • Glad you liked it, are there any specific points you’re wondering about? Let me know and I’ll try my best to answer.

  • Grt wisdom – where you put your energy during these times will dictate whether you’re going to come out from this crisis as a better person, or let yourself sink. Thank you from bottom of heart

  • These times have brought huge financial distress. But I want to share here honestly that these times have been a great boon for me. I had few dream projects that I wanted to work on but never got any time because I was caught up in this great rat-race. Now that my family knows the real reality, I have been working quietly to make my dream come true. Even though I am running my expenses mostly out of my savings…but what I have achieved in this phase is my best output. Thank You Johannes for such a nice write up & re-kindling my faith in myself. I have also enroled in your Affiliate class & find it very rewarding.

    • I’m so pleased to hear you’re working on your dreams and that my affiliate course and articles like this can support you on your journey. Please let me know if you have any questions at all and good luck, you’ve got this!