The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint - Become An Entrepreneur (Course)
The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint
The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint

Entrepreneurship Course - How To Become An Entrepreneur In 7 Steps

A entrepreneurship course to help you get started on your journey as an entrepreneur. Learn the 7 steps to become an entrepreneur today.

  • Become an entrepreneur in 7 steps
  • Practical training for beginners
  • Avoid the biggest business mistakes
  • Adopt the entrepreneur mindset
  • 20+ easy to setup business ideas
  • No experience or investment needed

The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint

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5 hours
192 students
A really good intro course
I really appreciated this course. A lot of things I already knew, but great explanations, metaphors and practical ideas that made it a bit easier for me to see how I can start.

Start your entrepreneurship journey today

Do you feel like it’s time to finally take the leap and begin your entrepreneurship journey, but not feeling quite sure where to start?

The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint is an entrepreneurship course for beginners with 7 simple lessons that will guide you to set up your first business. Without all the fluff.

This course is a great first step into entrepreneurship. It covers everything from the mindset you need to succeed as an entrepreneur, to creating high value products and services that people want to buy.

A word from the creator of the 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint

Learn what the FIRST steps are

The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint is a practical entrepreneurship course on how to become an entrepreneur for the person who have no idea where to start. You will learn how to start a new business, acquire your first customers, and adopt the entrepreneur mindset.

If you have never opened up a business, it’s hard to know where to actually start. The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint is the guidebook you need in order to understand the next step.

Avoid HUNDREDS of mistakes

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, and stepped into a ton of pitfalls along the way, and I want you to avoid the same mistakes.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur will take time for everyone, but with the right information, you’ll be able to take a massive shortcut. I’ll help speed up the process for you and make sure you get started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Starting a business that fits YOU

I’m not here to tell you how to make a few quick bucks and set you up with some get-rich-quick-scheme.

I’m here to tell you how to start a sustainable business, that you’ll enjoy working on, and that matches your unique set of skills and passions, so that you can enjoy building your business.


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The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint

SALE $49.00 $19.00

My story in a nutshell

I started my entrepreneurship journey at age of 15. I didn’t really have a grand vision of becoming an entrepreneur, it was more the fact that I really didn’t like school that forced me to find another way to make it in life.

After many years of self-learning and experimenting with different online marketing models, I managed to start making some decent money.

I had enough to move abroad, afford my own place and did an overall upgrade with my life.

But years passed and I kept hustling, without too much progress. Just making enough to live decently, but no real breakthroughs.

I started following business mentors and studied their principles carefully. I adopted a completely new approach to making money.

And this is when I started to see things happening for me..

The principles I learned made my business boom to the roof.

  • I built team of world class performers, all working remotely.
  • Operations in over 26 markets.
  • I generate 7 figure in yearly revenue.
  • We have 60 people in-house.

I’m not saying this to brag.

I just want you to know that things are going well NOW, but most of the success did not come from many long years of hustling and bustling, but rather from a few fundamental principles of business success.

That’s why I want you to sign up to this course, so that you can learn about them, and hopefully avoid taking the same mistakes I did.

Work retreat in Cyprus with the team

Entrepreneurship training for beginners

The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint is a beginner entrepreneurship course, and you don’t need any prior experience in order to understand and apply the information in this program.

This course is perfect if you feel like you’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur, but have no idea where to start, or have silly reasons for not starting.

I’ll give you the pillars that you need in order to get moving, broken down into 7 simple steps, that makes it impossible to procrastinate.

I want to be make it clear: this course is in no means a complete theoretical course on all things entrepreneurship, but will make sure that you actually get started on your entrepreneurship journey.

The focus has been on practical steps, not on information overload. In the end of this course, you’ll have a clear picture of exactly what you need to do.

Let’s get your first business up and running

Struggling with procrastination?

Let me tell you a little secret. Most likely, your first business won’t make you a million dollars. It might even completely fail.

But the knowledge you’ll gather during your attempt will be the real prize. With that knowledge, you’ll become a better business man.

That’s why it’s important to get your first business up and running quickly, rather than spending years thinking about the “perfect business idea”.

Just getting started will get you knowledge, confidence and experience. And most of all, new, better ideas. You’ll use that to alter course in the future and start moving more in the right direction.

Of course, you shouldn’t aim to fail. In fact, aim to succeed and do everything in your power to make the right calls. But, don’t let the fear of failure paralyse, or keep you in the “thinking stage” of starting a business.

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Learn how to become a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur

How to become an entrepreneur? Well, easy. Just open a travel blog, or start selling lemonade in your backyard.

These days, anyone can open up a “business”.

The real question is of course, how can one become a successful entrepreneur?

Not only in terms of money, but actually doing something you love, so that you can enjoy life at the same time.

Learning how to become an entrepreneur is a little bit like learning how to become good at a sport. You are going to do most of the heavy lifting yourself, but getting a coach that will give you the magic bullets will make you into a champion much quicker.

I’ve created this step by step course on how to become an entrepreneur in order to help you getting started on your dreams to become your own boss, but to do it right, and not chase some unsustainable get-rich-quick scheme.

I want you to learn the business principles I’ve picked up from my mentors, that allowed my business to scale through the roof.

And I sincerely also want to help you become an entrepreneur that thrives in life, not just make a few quick bucks. There’s a balance to be found. The more people I can help, the more I’ve fulfilled my purpose.


What’s included

Course syllabus

The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint


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The 7 Step Entrepreneur Blueprint

SALE $49.00 $19.00

What people asked about the course: answers to everything you might be wondering.

Is this course for people with existing businesses?

This entrepreneurship course is primarily for people who's starting from scratch, but it's never a bad idea to rehearse the fundamentals, and get more success with your next business.

How much do I have to invest to become an entrepreneur?

Generally, you don't need to invest much for most of the business ideas recommended in this course. How much you want to invest depends on the business you're starting and your budget.

Do I get a certificate after taking this course?

No, this is not an official education program, but a shortcut to understanding the essentials of entrepreneurship and avoid the most common mistakes with your first business.

Do you offer personal mentorship?

Occasionally I open up my business mentorship program. Follow me on socials for more information. I'm active on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, where I share my entrepreneurship insights.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Of course. If you for any reason don't like the course, money will be refunded. I only want satisfied customers.