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Failing is a good thing, here’s why

If you don’t dare to fail, you are as you read this failing miserably.

A common misunderstanding for most people is the meaning of failing. People generally confuse failure with downfall and negativity. You think that if you fail, you’ve lost a battle of war and the world will end for you. You’re too scared to do anything about anything important in life because you might just fail at it, and you can’t afford that, it hurts your self image, and the money and time you spent was all for a big nothing.

Now to the principle that helped me more than anything in life, and I’m not just talking about making a profitable business, this can be applied to anything in life.

Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from wrong decisions. So don’t be afraid to make wrong decisions or you will never make the right ones.

Failing is good, compared to not trying (of course succeeding is always king). The more you fail, the less are your chances to fail again. If you don’t fail, you don’t know what doesn’t work. If you don’t know what doesn’t work, the less are your chances to make it work. Even if I fail miserably and you watch TV, I’m still one step ahead of you.

Can failing really be a good thing?

We have been taught and told, that failing is bad for us. Failure could never be a good thing. But it is the contradiction of this. It for sure is.

Obviously, the person who failed most is not necessarily going to succeed most. But seen mathematically, his chances are better. Nothing in life is certain, it’s all about increasing the odds. The more you try, the more you increase your odds. If you don’t try, you have no odds. The game is unwinnable for you.

The quote above could actually be taken literally without no hazardous effects. The only exception is, where you should be more cautious, if you fail at something that will make you unable to get back on your feet again. But how often do we only get one go at something?

Say goodbye to yesterday’s life of fear and start doing what you want to do, no matter what it is. Because we’re only free when we do what we want, not just because of knowing we could have been doing what we wanted.. only if we did it.

Or else, I think you’re going to regret it. So I really hope you will start failing. I know I do most of the time, and look where it got me in life.


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