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Don’t run after what you want, be so good so that what you want runs after you

When we are so desperate for something that it becomes the sole reason why we will never get it, we come to the realization, that you can actually try too hard.

Running after what we want, being in pursuit of our dreams, always on the chase. Being consciously aware that we have not yet reached it. Not being good enough, feeling that the numbers are too small, and our friends too few. Sometimes, we are so desperate to get something, that we slip, and that something, starts running away from us.

It’s easy to blindly yet desperately be in a pursuit, not seeing the whole picture. One way of looking at success that’s not so spoken of, probably because it invites an uncomfortable feeling of absolute responsibility, is seeing the whole concept of success in reverse.

The reversed way, is to first earn the success. Not asking for it or being anxious to get it, but being genuinely concerned with deserving it in the first place.

I really don’t mean that in some cheesy kind of way, to uphold morals and be a good citizen. It’s just a more effective way to get to where what we want. Careful foundations are the quickest in the end.

People remain where they are, simply because they are too anxious to increase their success, but too unwilling to increase their value.

Once that realization sinks into us, we can completely shift our focus. Yesterday was about taking and receiving. Today is about giving and providing, constantly increasing self value.

That means, forgetting the results for once, and being concerned with how you can increase the value of yourself, your product, your clients. Ideally to the point where you’re concerned with not doing or being enough, so that it fuels just to further increase value. Never stressed, never becoming dismotivated by it, merely just seeking constant improvement.

Of course, people sometimes receive a thing without first deserving that thing. But at the end of the day, nature tends to balance the books, and sooner or later, all people will receive value in direct proportion to value given.

You see this with people winning the lottery, who can now drastically afford luxury overnight. Most of them will soon have to retreat back to their old life. Some even lose full control, use up all their old savings to maintain their new lifestyle, and go into debt they never recover from.

It’s always safer to start in the other end, and being sure you have earned it. Harvest may not be ready for a while, but with time, fruits will ripen and taste sweeter than ever.



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