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Learn how to apply things, and then you’ll succeed

People think you have to be smart to start a business or to go far in life. But what is smart? High IQ? Make wise decisions? Study hard? Paint amazing pictures? Know algebra?

If the man who invented the IQ test, didn’t pass it himself, is he stupid?

Creative smart, logic smart.

My definition of a smart person is someone who gets what he or she wants. The number one skill when it comes down to becoming successful in any part of life, must be how good you are at applying the knowledge that you invest your time in learning.

In other words, the ability to apply knowledge, is the strongest link to success if you ask me.

Everyone wants to keep a healthy diet and reach their ideal weight, yet very few are able to apply it on a long term basis. This is because your brain is addicted to sugar, it’s an instinct to prevent us from starving. But in today’s world, we have very good access to food, so we receive excess energy which is stored as fat and causes us many health issues. Sugar can more or less only be of use if you are to perform heavy physical activities.

You know this and your mind understands it clearly, however, your ability to apply this into your subconscious mind is weak, therefore, you’re failing over and over again with your diet.

If can reprogram your mind to recognise sugar as poison, instead of the best source of energy, you can stop craving it. Applying knowledge is about enforcing your brain to think what you want it to think, with the use of willpower and aspiration of a better life.

Knowledge used to be hard to come around. That’s why school and education even exists. As a means of getting knowledge into your brain. But today knowledge is free, and obtainable from so many different sources. Wikipedia, Youtube, Seminars, billions of people sharing their experience through blogs, websites and social media.

It’s even so easy to obtain any information you need,  nowadays people actually gets overwhelmed, leaving some completely paralyzed, not knowing what direction to go. Too many choices, too many opportunities.

Therefore, it’s no longer of much power to be “knowledgeable”. If you want to become powerful, you’ll have to learn how to apply it in your own life in an efficient way. The world does not pay us for what we know, but for what we do.

Rich or richer

Person #1: attends university, scores high on all tests as an A+ student and lands a very well paid job, yet is not satisfied with his lot and remains unhappy for the rest of his life, in fear of going outside the normal life.

Person #2: couldn’t pass the tests, fails university, decides to become a farmer to do more practical matters, earning only what he gets from day to day, yet he is satisfied and living happily.

Which one is the smarter one?

Success is about doing what you want to do, getting what you want to have and becoming who you want to be.

Do a challenge. Instead of learning something new, applying something new would be more beneficial. You know many things you can do that would elevate your life. Pick something, apply it today.


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