My plans and goals for 2014

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I have finally decided to start blogging. I’m not promising it will be on a weekly or even monthly basis, but just whenever I feel like killing some time and writing about work or life in general.

In this post I’m going to share plans and goals for 2014, both personal and work related. In the beginning of 2015, I’m going to look back at this and see how good or bad I performed. So this blog post is mostly for my own motivation’s sake.

Personal & work related plans and goals for 2014

I have never really tried setting goals for myself Β in written form before. I’ll do my best. Some goals are vague, not very concrete, and hard to define, so they could easily be bent. However, I’m planning to do a follow-up on this in a post next year about what I achieved in 2014. To be able to gloat about accomplishing my goals, I’ll have to abide by these words as strict as possible.

Employ two more people

I want to keep on to build up my business, therefore, employing more people is a must. I only have so much time and instead of outsourcing all the work to freelancers I rather have people in-house. This April I’m employing a content writer and hopefully by end of summer I have another person joining our small force.

Not long ago I was under the impression that I would run my business on my own for many years before employing. Take out some profit and enjoy the money. But I think that building up my business will give me more long term pleasure.

Definition: having two more people installed in our office.

Work more effective

I am ashamed to announce to you, that I spent more than 250 hours on Facebook and social media in 2013. A maximum of 50 hours, might have been work related. That still leaves me with more or less 200 hours of time flushed down the drain. Even if I wouldn’t spend this time working, I rather wished I spent it swimming in the sea or travelling to a new place.

I’ve been using a software called RescueTime, which tracks all my time on my computer, and what websites and software time is spent on. This year I am going to avoid making the same mistake and keep better track of how much time going to waste.

Definition: achieve at least 6 hours of productive work time per day (RescueTime measures this for me).

Start to workout seriously

The year 2014 is the year when I’m starting to workout seriously. At least 4-5 times a week, I’ll do some weight and strength workouts for an hour.

Not long ago, I bought a gym card and I’ve been feeling better much better since. I think that we aren’t really meant to be sitting on a chair 10 hours per day and then go home to watch a movie. All my excess energy and stress has to go somewhere, and instead of going out drinking, I will use that energy to build up my body.

Definition: workout as often as I can, at least 4-5 times a week. In general, be more physically active.

Create websites with value

I believe that Google will change it’s algorithm soon, and that change won’t be pretty for many of my sites. So preparing for the future, to make more money long term. But frankly, most of all I’m a bit tired of creating simple content websites with almost no functionality at all. I’ve started some more serious projects, and I realized how much more passion I get for my work when I do something that I know will get to be appreciated by people.

Definition: by end of 2014, I should have at least five profitable sites that gives value to the visitor.

Be an even happier person

Since moving to Malta two years ago, my life has incessantly increased in happiness levels. I can honestly say that I haven’t woken up one single day here and felt like “this day is going to be a bad day”. I am planning to keep surfing on this wave until I’m as happy as I can be. This is a big contradiction from my time living in Sweden, where depression was my everyday life for the bigger part of a year.

Definition: try my best to enjoy what I have, an do my best to achieve more.

Dare to do things I don’t dare to do

I am very careful person in nature. I hate trying new thing. I hate doing things that I’m uncomfortable with. And I am uncomfortable with quite some things. But the last year, I dared to do things that I thought I would never dare to do, and that felt really great. I will keep trying even harder this year, to overcome my obstacles.

Definition: if there is something that makes sense to do, but I see obstacles, I will do it anyway.

Increase turnover with at least 50%

I say turnover because profit is less important for me right now. I am planning to invest every single cent in my business to make it keep growing. I’m really excited to be taking my work more seriously.

Definition: get at least a 50% + turnover compared to 2013.

That’s it for now. If I come up with something else that fits the list, I’ll add it.

Wish me luck.

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Johannes Larsson
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