The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

The entrepreneurship lifestyle appeals to many people, and it’s no surprise. Living life on your own terms, ultimate freedom, and the chance to create a life when you never dread a Monday again is pretty enviable.

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Not all entrepreneurs achieve this dream lifestyle, create the right balance and avoid crashing and burning. In fact, it’s a large factor of why people fail in their businesses and have to give up on their dreams.

Lifestyle engineering is defined by intentionally optimizing your life to fit around your greatest wants and needs. The opposite of fitting yourself into society’s custom-made box and putting up with the bare minimum.

Not only can it vastly increase your happiness, but it can also make you a lot more productive and successful.

Anybody can engineer their lifestyle and has the ability to change the way they live, but entrepreneurs are especially motivated to create an optimal routine so that they can achieve their maximum output.

Engineering your ideal lifestyle

So, what are the ingredients of an optimized lifestyle? The exact answer will be specific to you as a person, but these are some things to consider.

Build a manageable work routine and work on what you love

This is one of the most important aspects of an entrepreneur’s lifestyle because let’s face it, we spend a huge portion of our lives working. So, it makes sense to do work that you enjoy and you feel motivated and inspired by.

Then you need to find out as much as possible about your working style, strengths, and weaknesses so that you can create your best work and look after your mental health simultaneously.

Making plenty of time for your relationships

It’s important to make time for your relationships as an entrepreneur, or you will quickly lose perspective and burn out. You need people to keep you grounded, help you switch off, and enjoy the many other, nonwork aspects of life.

The most successful entrepreneurs also prioritize networking and their relationships with other founders and interesting people.

Diet and health

You are what you eat, so to be successful you need to take a very hard look at what you’re consuming. You should be optimizing your diet for food that helps your brain function, health, and happiness.

This also means looking at what foods might be harming you, experimenting, and taking out anything that doesn’t serve you.

Exercise and well-being

There is a reason why so many entrepreneurs preach the benefits of exercise and fitness. The healthier your body is, the sharper your mind will be. Exercise can also be a great way to de-stress and build up your confidence.

I can also recommend meditation and mindfulness to anybody who is serious about optimizing their lifestyle.

Pros & cons of the entrepreneurship lifestyle

Just like anything in life, there are pros and cons to the entrepreneurship lifestyle. If any of these cons are deal breakers for you, it may be better to work this out now than to find out later on.

Pros of the entrepreneurship lifestyle

  • You are free. If you can successfully create a life as an entrepreneur, working on what you choose and affording the lifestyle you want, you are officially free.
  • Focus on your strengths, outsource your weaknesses. This might not be possible from day one, but eventually, you can work exclusively on the tasks you thrive in and enjoy and hire others to deal with the rest.
  • The work-life balance can be tested. Most entrepreneurs struggle to get an exact balance of life, work, and everything in between. There may be times where you need to sacrifice a lot to succeed.

The cons of an entrepreneurship lifestyle

  • It may clash with others in your life. Not everybody gets to take holiday when they like, is as focused on self-growth or motivated to succeed, and this can make it hard for you to relate to the non-entrepreneurs in your life at times.
  • You have nobody to hide behind. As an entrepreneur, you’re taking full responsibility for the life you want to lead and your own happiness. You can no longer blame your boss or anybody else when things aren’t going well for you, it’s in your hands only.

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