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Thoughts about the normal lifestyle

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Time is 00:04, thinking loudly about the idea of the normal lifestyle.

I have always been a “rebel”, even before I had any thoughts of starting my own business. I’m frankly not sure why or what caused it. I used to feel a bit abnormal and alone in many ways. I was juggling if I should just be me, or someone else, someone more normal.

It really crushed my self esteem for many years. Don’t do it.

There were times where I was focusing more on blending in and being normal. It led me striving to become more serious, acting more like an adult, and doing the mature thing. Fuck that bullshit. That’s a big trap.

Since years ago, I’m back to being a child, doing more fun things, not caring so much and being a bit weird every now and then. Having the best time in the world.

I have worked hard for many years to create a lifestyle that allows me to do pretty much whatever I want. Freedom tastes better than I could ever imagine. And it’s not only about the money. Realizing life doesn’t have to be a hard, long and boring struggle, and there’s more to it than just routine, habits and same old patterns. As long as you believe that, you’ll stay more inspired.

Why do we rather teach our kids how to eat in a good manner with knife and fork than the importance of passions and following your dreams?
Reversed priorities.

Why should we try to fit in, and adapt to society, when everyone really were born to stand out and be a little weird? Why not risk it, go your own way, and be able to thrive instead of only survive?
Fear of not being normal.

Why do you have so much time to watch TV, but so little time to work on our dreams?
Why be stuck in a boring routine, day after day? When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Lack of ambition.

You are always more likely to succeed if you just do your own thing, go your own way and think more with your heart. Doesn’t necessarily have to be building a business, but finding what works for you.

Things might not work out in the beginning, and people might judge and criticize you, disapprove and think you’re odd. But that’s what commentators do. People who are busy working on their own dreams only focus on elevation.


Online Entrepreneur. Focusing on health optimization, traveling the world, building businesses. Staying close to the sea.
Writing here to inspire. Mostly myself, but hopefully others too.