8 reasons why earning more money will make you happier

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Some people think that money makes you unhappy, that it brings more bad than good. I don’t see it that way.

While money is not everything in life, it surely is a big deal for me, and probably for you too. And I don’t mean that in a kind of way that you are supposed to be doing illegal stuff or sit in front of a desk in a work place you hate just because of an attractive pay slip. And there are lots of people who doesn’t need money to be happy, but I don’t think they would turn down a salary raise either. So, more or less, everyone wants more money.

However there is a breaking point where it doesn’t mean anything to get more of it. I would say that depends on the person, but generally I’d say the breaking point is between 5 000 – 10 000 USD per month. After that, I believe getting more money will only influence you marginally. But sure, this could be argued. As I said, depends on the person.

1. Travel wherever you want to

If you have sufficient funds in your bank account, you can afford to go travel once in a while. It’s a very good investment in yourself.

For me, travelling is the best thing in life, and probably the best investment I can make in myself. It makes me see the world from a whole different view, and always brings me new ideas that might or might make me more money (enabling me to travel more). Even if you’re not your own boss, you might get some very useful thoughts which could be applied to your job or personal life.

Travelling for me doesn’t necessarily mean vacation. I usually see it more as a working holiday. Going to the beach a few hours, working some hours, back to the beach. Eating something, working out, going out for a drink. Repeat.

And you don’t need to have a lot of money to travel nowadays. I can fly from Malta to basically any European country below 50 EUR. Just be flexible and compare flights.

Me, working from Boracay, Philiphines
Me, working from Boracay, Philippines

2. Eat healthier

The healthy kind of food, is usually the most expensive. But eating healthy is totally worth it, especially in the long run. It will strengthen your immune system so you will get less sick. You will get in better shape, feel more attractive. You will lower the risk a whole lot of diseases. You will get more energetic (at first, you will feel tired though). The list can be made very long.

But point is, eating healthier will definitely make you happier in the long run. And if you eat healthy by default, you will enjoy all the crap food, sweets and cakes even more, which you must allow yourself every now and then. :)

3. Go out more

Being social, dancing, partying, drinking, meeting new people. Disconnect yourself from work for a while. I guarantee you will enjoy your life more if you’re able to do that every once in a while.

4. Afford to take a day off when needed

I believe that if you can afford to take a day of whenever you need or want to, you’ll work for the rest of your life, instead of retiring at 55-65. Because you don’t work because you have to, but because you enjoy it. I think that most of my friends would agree with me, probably because they all have their own business and can choose whether or not to work every day. Even if you hate your job, and would have the opportunity to retire right now, I think you would want to start working again. Imagine no pressure at all, you decide.

And it gets even easier to work if you actually enjoy what you’re doing. Then it might even get to be an addiction.

Just me taking a day off, enjoying a cappucino by the water.
Just me taking a day off, enjoying a cappucino by the water.

5. The good feeling that comes from accomplishing something

Say what you want, but to be honest, as businessmen or businesswomen, what better measurement is there except for money? It’s a receipt of how well we perform in our field. Money is a milestone. It can’t automatically be defined as success, but it sure as hull must mean you’re doing something right and are on your way to success.

6. Spoil your family

Who doesn’t want to be able to spoil their family? Giving makes us happier. Take the family out for a vacation, or send your kids to a nice school with courses other schools doesn’t have. I know for sure that I would really enjoy being able to give my family the best life has to offer.

7. No economical pressure

I felt economic pressure several times in my life and I know it isn’t a good feeling. It’s very negative stress that will only cause you sickness, depression and bring more negativity into your life. Some people are better at handling this by reacting “it will all be good”, some people get sick, lack of sleep, depression and more. Bottom line is, you’re better without that.

8. Realize there is more to life than money

I believe that people who have money, but not enough, will always wish for more. People who already have enough (and know where the boundary is and understand that it won’t mean anything to get more of it), will get a better grasp of Β the things that really matter. You don’t have to dream around all the time wishing you had more, you can just be happy with what you got, because you know you got enough to do all the important things in life. And there is nothing wrong with wanting more either, as long as you don’t feel you need more to be happy.

This is the opposite of what everyone has been telling me though (much wants more), so it might just be up to every individual.

Money can be very good, depending on how you look at it.

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Johannes Larsson
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