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I decided to open up 5 monthly spots in my calendar for consultation calls about things I’m passionate about (and don’t mind talking about anyway).

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 16, and I’ve learnt a few things along the way. I’d love to help you achieve the same level of success without all the detours.

I offer 60 minute consultation calls with pre-talk on email to understand your situation and how I can help. During our call, I’ll offer solutions that I know will be working for you. If I don’t have solutions, I won’t take the call, and issue a refund.

Price for the call: €1000.

I personally don’t do this for the money, it’s merely symbolic. People tend to take advice more seriously when paying for it.

Areas of expertise

Switching to the intrapreneurship model

Creating a remote based team of A-players

Building an affiliate empire

Scaling up traffic with SEO

Sustainable work-life balance as an entrepreneur

Skyrocketing productivity & 3xing your output

Create a remote based team of A-players

The most important aspect of growing your business is finding the right people. Without them, you’ll at best be a mediocre company.

I’ve spent more than a decade researching and experimented on this topic, and hired over 200 people in my companies.

I’ll teach you how to avoid hiring the smooth talkers and instead find the valuable doers, and then how to keep them. You will also learn how to set up micro-systems that makes people perform at their peak long-term.

Switching to the intrapreneurship model

If you’re thinking about switching from the traditional employee model to the intrapreneurship model, I can help. I’ve been very curious about employee psychology and creating reward systems that makes people perform.

My company is built on the intrapreneurship model, utilizing performance based incentives rather than fixed our hourly rates.

I’ve experimented with different types of payment models, milestones, gamification systems, and bonus setups. I know what makes people happily perform magic.

Building an affiliate empire

Affiliate marketing is my main forte.

I’ve opened up more than 400 websites monetized with affiliate marketing, and can share a few tricks of the trade that will help you get more partners, increase commissions and improve conversions.

I can also give you overall guidance on how to scale up to become a big global comparison brand.

Scaling up traffic with SEO

SEO has been the cornerstone of my success in multiple businesses.

A majority of our leads and sales are coming from organic traffic, and we’re currently generating more than 15 million unique visitors every year from search engines – without paying per click.

I can share content strategies, link building ideas, and overall keys in getting your website to the top of search engines.

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