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I consider myself a SEO geek, and have been using SEO as an online marketing strategy for the last 15 years.

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What is SEO?

SEO is an online marketing strategy where the goal is to rank at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, this is the official definition of search engine optimization (SEO):

Methods of making sure that the address of a website is shown near the top of the list of results of an internet search.

Search engine optimization, usually abbreviated to SEO, is not just one thing. Just like the definition above states, it’s a series of methods all with the same aim: to improve your search engine rankings. Often, that means ranking in the top of Google.

SEO strategies – how to do SEO?

So, how to do SEO?

There are too many SEO strategies to list here, but these are some of the most common to look out for. It’s important to note that you don’t need to be an expert in each of these SEO techniques to rank well.

Just understanding them and making small improvements to your site can make a huge difference, and above everything, great content that people love to engage with will always be the biggest ranking factor.

  • Site structure and speed
  • Keywords
  • Links (internal, external, and backlinks)
  • Optimizing for search intent
  • Refurbishing old content

What are the do’s and don’t of SEO?

All you need to do is spend half an hour researching SEO on Google and you’ll be overwhelmed with information, advice, and ideas for improving your SEO by so-called experts.

Some of the advice you find will be invaluable, and some will be nothing more than spam. Here is my very simple ‘do’s and don’ts’ of SEO principles to keep you on track.

Best SEO practices

  • White hat SEO. Not trying to fool search engines, just genuine SEO techniques that give value and help you rank higher.
  • Write for users, not just search engines. I explain this in more detail here.
  • Create content you enjoy writing. The thing which will make you stand out the most against other websites is that you truly enjoy writing about your topic, and do it with passion. If you do, others are guaranteed to enjoy it.

SEO practices to avoid

  • Black hat SEO. This is trying to fool search engines with spammy tactics.
  • Keyword stuffing. Search engines and users can quickly tell if a blog post has been stuffed with irrelevant keywords that offer no value or don’t make sense.
  • Copied content. If you don’t have enough original ideas to contribute, choose another topic that you’re more passionate about or outsource the work to paid writers – never resort to copying from others.

Free SEO Tools

Since I’m working with SEO on a daily basis, I’ve created some simple but free SEO tools that might help you: