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Worlds Most Basic Word Counter

Welcome to one of the worlds most basic and simple word counter. It also works as a character counter.

Simply fill out the text field above with your text, and see the word count and character count update live.

Why this was created

In my every day work, I often need to quickly see the word count or character count of content and articles. I was tired to find non user-friendly word counters, often overly complex, with ads and popups. so I decided to create a really basic word counter for my own need.

Common questions about words

Writing is my passion, so I love sharing some basic insights about what I know. Lets do some basic questions.

How many words per page?

Short answer is, every 1000 words creates 2 pages. Obviously, there are factors at play, such as margins, font size and font family. Examples below is using 12pt and Arial.

Word CountSingle spacedDouble spaced
Note: baed on a font size of 12 points

How many words in a paragraph?

Traditionally, a paragraph is 100-200 words. However, there are no exact rules to this.

Paragraphs are becoming shorter. It's proven to increase readability in texts when writing using more paragraphs.

Of course, this depends on the type of text you are writing. A blog post for example, doesn't really need more than 50 words in a paragraph, while an academic paper might have 200 or more.

To find out how many words or characters your paragraph contains, try to use the word counter / character count above.

How many words should you have in your content?

There's no cut and dry answer on this one.

In order to rank high in search engines, you need to provide the right amount of content.

The right amount will differ from topic and keyword. A general rule is that you want to provide as much content as the user wants to consume.

For example, having a long piece of content when the user is actually just looking for a quick answer, might not perform as well as a shorter piece of content.

I discuss content length at depth, and how to properly assess the right amount of words, in my course about SEO for beginners.

How many words are in the english language?

As the time of writing, there are 171 465 words in the Oxford dictionary. That being said, there are way more common use words such as slang and jargon. They estimate that there's in actuality almost 500 000 words (used) in the English language.

How many words in a novel?

For a novel to be considered a novel, the lowest amount of words should be around 40 000.

Many novels however usually contain up to 70 000 words.

How many words can you type per minute?

Try these free word typing games:


Thank you for using our word & character counter

I appreciate simplicity – hope you do too. It's a very simple word counter tool, but it can save you a lot of time if you need it often.

I'm planning to create more free tools that can help you with your writing, SEO and related areas.

Please let me know what tools you would like.