The Complete SEO Checklist
The Complete SEO Checklist

SEO Course - Scale Up Your Traffic with The Complete SEO Checklist

5 hours 6 students Intermediate $179

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Course Features

  • SEO course for beginners & advanced
  • Based on 15 years SEO experience
  • Practical, no information overload
  • 9 SEO training lessons (text based)
  • SEO Checklist with 74 actionable steps
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Updated as algorithm changes
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Learn SEO in a practical way

  • Based on real experience. The Complete SEO checklist is a practical and simple, yet advanced and in-depth SEO course created by an SEO guru who used these very techniques to build a 1M traffic/month affiliate empire.
  • A simplified course. This SEO course has been stripped down to its bare essentials, to avoid information overload. In total, there are only 9 in-depth lessons that cover unique insights and everything you need to know to achieve results.
  • Step by step course. As a final step of the course, you’re given a massive checklist, hence “The Complete SEO Checklist”, with over 74 actionable items to optimize your SEO game to the max.

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The Complete SEO Checklist

Welcome to The Complete SEO Checklist, a value-packed SEO course for beginners and people who want to take their rankings to the next level.

Let me quickly present myself.

I'm Johannes Larsson and I consider myself an SEO geek. I would even go so far as to say that SEO is my passion.

I've been making money online using SEO since I was 15 years old, so that gives me approximately 15 years of experience in the field.

Now I've compiled everything I've learned during my years in the SEO game in a course format.

SEO course for beginners & advanced

This SEO training is primarily for beginners who want to learn SEO and grow their traffic, but also for more advanced SEO geeks who want to take their rankings to the next level.

Beginners will find everything in this course very useful – as a first gateway into the world of SEO. While advanced SEOer's probably will want to skim through the course and pick up golden nuggets here and there (and make sure they tick everything on the SEO checklist).

Everything here will be laid out in such a way that even the very beginner SEO beginner can understand and easily apply the information from the SEO course.

Learn SEO in a practical way

Becoming really good at SEO takes quite a bit of time and experience, so I'm not going to promise you that that you'll come out of this SEO course as the ultimate guru in search engine optimization.

I can tell you the most effective way to learn SEO though, and that's definitely by action. Instead of spending hours learning all the theory and background information of SEO, I highly prefer to jump straight into the doing SEO.

You'll learn SEO in a more practical way by going through an SEO checklist with step-by-step instructions at the end of this SEO course.

Learn SEO from someone with real results

The main value point from this SEO course is that you'll learn SEO from someone who has accomplished real results.

And we're actually using this course as SEO training for our team.

That project is averaging more than 1 million unique visitors per month:

The Complete SEO Checklist is basically a summary of everything I've learned during my journey of building an affiliate empire, and that's based on 13 years of experience.

I've taken a lot of detours and done plenty of mistakes in my SEO journey: this is your chance to learn from my experience without spending years on trial and error – and for a very small price (I spent several months building this SEO course).

A bit more than basic SEO strategies

You can learn SEO for free just by finding material on Google, there's plenty of decent guides and articles on the topic. However, most of them cover the same basics, and usually, only talk about the official “confirmed” SEO guidelines, which is far from the whole puzzle.

This SEO course includes factors that very few people are talking about.

I'll never be able to say say that I know how the algorithm works 100% but based on years of testing with more than 400 websites, I've built up a lot of confidence behind my theories, and I follow these guidelines on my own SEO projects.

Paid SEO training – is it worth it?

I'll be honest with you: this might not be the absolute “best” SEO course out there: it doesn't cover every single aspect of SEO in-depth like some other SEO courses do.

The Complete SEO Checklist is definitely not an SEO 101 training program. In fact, I've deliberately tried to cut out all non-vital parts of SEO that you just don't need.

What it does offer is unique insights from someone who built a 6 figure SEO business, and who's sharing the exact SEO strategies used to accomplish that.

This course will give you the important SEO nuggets without the extra fluff. You might not learn as much, but what you'll learn will make a lot of impact on your business.

Guaranteed ranking improvements

I can't technically guarantee that you'll see ranking improvements, because I don't control Google and other search engines.

However, if you follow all the material in this course, I'd be completely shocked if this SEO training didn't pay off at least 10x for you.

It might not happen overnight, but eventually, you'll look back at this as one of the best investments in your marketing.

I'm so convinced about this that I'm offering a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. I rather have 100% happy clients.

Course syllabus

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SEO Training

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Frequently asked questions

What people asked about the course: answers to everything you might be wondering.

Is this SEO course for beginners only?
This course is for both beginners and advanced. Beginners will find it as a good gateway into SEO, while advanced SEOers will still be able to find plenty of golden nuggets.
How long does it take to complete the whole course?
The estimated time to complete this course will vary a bit, depending on a few things. The thought behind this course is to give you a checklist to work with long-term and apply new improvements over time.
Other than the cost of the course, how much do I have to invest?
The only "but" here is that Ahrefs offers a free trial for $1, but other than that, nothing in this course should require you to pay for software.
How long does it take to learn SEO?
SEO is not that complicated these days: you can learn the basic principles of SEO in just a few hours. To become a "guru", you'll need to figure out how to apply these basic principles in the most effective way - and for that, you'll need some time.
Is this SEO course covering On-Page or Off-page?
This course is covering both On-Page and Off-Page. You will learn every important aspect of SEO.
Am I guaranteed increase in rankings?
Short answer: yes, if you apply everything in this course, you can expect a good boost in rankings. Long answer: Google and other search engines work in mysterious ways sometimes, and no one understands the full algorithm (and it changes all the time). However, I'm offering a money-back guarantee for anyone who didn't get results from this course.
Can I get personal SEO advice?
While I'd love to help out with your SEO, I won't have enough time to give everyone personalized advice.
Is this the best SEO course out there?
Certainly not, simply because it's not very complex. Focus has been revolving around practicality and avoiding information overload.
Are these live SEO classes?
No, this SEO course is just lessons in a text-based format that you can access at any time.
What do I need to attend this course?
To make the most out of this course, you should have a WordPress website up and running where you can apply what you learn from this course.
Can you learn SEO if you don't have a WP website?
Some guides are specifically created for WordPress, but you can still take the course and would find most material useful.
Do you need any prior experience for this SEO course?
While it'll be useful for you to have some prior experience and knowledge in the field of search engine optimization, this SEO course doesn't require it.
Is SEO theory also included?
The Complete SEO Checklist also covers the essentials in theory, but I've tried to keep it really short and to the point. The main value is the SEO checklists, and that's where you'll find the most insights that you can apply to your website.


Johannes Larsson Johannes Larsson

An online entrepreneur since 2009. Johannes has more than a decade of experience in online marketing and considers himself a SEO-geek. Personally very passionate about health optimization, lifestyle design and traveling the world. Writing here to inspire. Mostly himself, but hopefully others too.