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Hi, I'm Johannes Larsson from Sweden, age 28. I've been running online businesses for more than decade, and love everything that has to do with online marketing.

I never really had a thing for school so I decided to chase the dream of becoming my own boss.

I succeeded.

It took a while, but life is pretty magical today. Read my story on how I started building my online business here.

Today I'm running my business from Cyprus, focusing on affiliate marketing and building educational courses. Our main project is a financial comparison website active in 26 markets, with a strong intrapreneurial team of 45 people behind it.

Take a look at available intrapreneur jobs if you're interested.

In 2015, I started my blog because I felt it helped me to organize my thoughts by writing.

Today, I'm using it to share all my acquired knowledge in online marketing and entrepreneurship. My hopes is that my experience and insights collected over the last decade will also serve others.

Are you here because you want to become a better entrepreneur?

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