The Mind of An Entrepreneur
The Mind of An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship Course - How To Become An Entrepreneur in 9 Steps

  • 9 entrepreneurship lessons
  • Adopt the entrepreneur mindset
  • 20+ easy to setup business ideas
  • No experience or investment needed

The Mind of an Entrepreneur

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5 hours
188 students
A really good intro course
I really appreciated this course. A lot of things I already knew, but great explanations, metaphors and practical ideas that made it a bit easier for me to see how I can start.

Start your entrepreneurship journey

Do you feel like it’s time to finally take the leap and begin your entrepreneurship journey, but not feeling quite sure where to start?

The Mind of an Entrepreneur is an entrepreneurship course with 9 lessons that will help you get started as an entrepreneur.

This course covers everything from the mindset you need to succeed as an entrepreneur to raising money and pitching to investors.

The Mind of An Entrepreneur

The Mind of An Entrepreneur is a comprehensive but simple course on how to become an entrepreneur, adopt the entrepreneur mindset and get started on your first business.

In this entrepreneurship course, you’ll learn the basics of becoming an entrepreneur in 9 steps.

My name is Johannes Larsson. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve been an online entrepreneur for about 15 years, and learned a ton of pitfalls that I want you to avoid.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur does take some time, but you certainly don’t need 15 years.

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The Mind of an Entrepreneur

SALE $49.00 FREE

My story

I started my entrepreneurship journey at age of 15. I didn’t really have a grand vision of becoming an entrepreneur, it was more the fact that I really didn’t like school that forced me to find another highway in life.

After many years of self-learning and experimenting with different online marketing models, I managed to start making some decent money.

I had enough to move abroad, afford my own place and did an overall upgrade with my life. Years passed and I kept hustling, without that much progress. Just making enough to live decently, but no real breakthrough.

I started to have a new approach to making money. I’d be focusing more on how to provide value, instead of how to make money. And this is when I started to see things happening for me..

It wasn’t until I started building a strong team of world class performers that my business success really went through the roof though.

Fast forward to today, we’re a team of around 50 people (all working remotely) and operate in more than 26 markets, generating millions of € in yearly revenue.

Most of the success did not come from many long years of hustling and bustling, but rather from a few fundamental principles of business success.

In this course, you’ll learn about them, and hopefully avoid taking the same detour I did.

Work retreat in Cyprus with the team

Entrepreneurship course – free training

The Mind of an Entrepreneur is a completely free entrepreneurship course, and there’s no obligations to register or enter credit card details.

I want to give something back to the world, and the best way for me to do that is share my insights. Possibly, I’ll create a more advanced course on how to become an entrepreneur in the future.

This course is in no means a complete course on all things entrepreneurship, but should be enough to get you started on your entrepreneurship journey.

The free entrepreneur classes might be limited up to 1000 people so far. Claim your spot and start the training today by clicking “Join free entrepreneurship training”

Learn how to become an entrepreneur

How to become an entrepreneur? Well, easy. Just open a travel blog, or start selling lemonade in your backyard.

The real question is of course, how can one become a successful entrepreneur?

Learning how to become an entrepreneur is a little bit like learning how to become good at a sport. You can get a coach to give you the magic bullets and guidelines, but in the end of the day, you’re going to have to do the heavy lifting yourself.

I’ve created this step by step course on how to become an entrepreneur to cover the most important aspects of entrepreneurship.

What’s included

Course syllabus

Entrepreneurship Lessons

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The Mind of an Entrepreneur

SALE $49.00 FREE

What people asked about the course: answers to everything you might be wondering.

How come this course is free?

I know how many of my blog readers are ready to become entrepreneurs but don't have the money or education to start. I want to pay something back to all the people that have helped me by offering the first 1,000 students the course for free.

Is this course for people with existing businesses?

This entrepreneurship course is primarily for people who's starting from scratch, but it's never a bad idea to rehearse the fundamentals, and get more success with your next business.

How much do I have to invest to become an entrepreneur?

Generally, you don't need to invest much for most of the business ideas recommended in this course. How much you want to invest depends on the business you're starting and your budget.

Do I get a certificate after taking this course?

No, this is not an official education program, but a shortcut to understanding the essentials of entrepreneurship and avoid the most common mistakes with your first business.

Do you offer personal mentorship?

Currently, no. I'm trying to reach as many people as I can. I'm very active on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and Twitter, where I share my entrepreneurship insights.