Keyword Search Volume Tool - Estimate Keyword Revenue

Keyword Search Volume Tool – Estimate Keyword Revenue

How much money can you make from a keyword?

Free Keyword Search Volume Tool

Are you wondering how many Google searches per day is done on a certain keyword. Or maybe you want to know the earning potential?

This free keyword tool will help you.

Keyword Search Volume

Knowing the keyword search volume is essential when doing topic research, or when choosing a niche.

Find out the search volume of any keyword – completely free and with just one click.

Earning Potential From Keywords

This tool will also show you how much potential earnings you can make from keyword, based on the average CPC.

While this doesn't really reflect accurate estimated earnings, it gives you a sense of what a keyword can be worth if monetized properly.

We also include a more realistic sum, which is based on average monetization with affiliate marketing. This is calculated at 1/3 of the total CPC value.

However, this will vary greatly between different keywords, and depending on how you monetize your site – so use these numbers with a pinch of salt.

How does this keyword tool work?

We are connected to a big database of keywords, and when you perform a search, we make a request to that database.

If the keyword you searched for exists, we will show you the keyword volume, CPC and earning potential within a few seconds.

If it doesn't exist, we will request this keyword to be added and you can come back later to check the data.

Good to know about this free tool:

  • The data is not always 100% up-to-date. Keyword volume, average CPC and other data points changed every day.
  • Some long-tail or unusual keywords might not exist in a specific country. In such case, you can try to search in “Global” as well.
  • Use Google Keyword Planner as a complimentary tool to verify ranges of the keyword volumes.

Thank you for using this tool. We might develop it further with time!