10 reasons why you should consider starting an online business

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It’s become very trendy to start an online business lately, and for good reasons. It’s really a life of freedom, speaking from personal experience.

We now live in a world where location is seldom a real obstacle to set up your own thing and really run a profitable online business remotely, using internet to communicate with both clients and employees remotely.

You probably arrived on this blog post because you already know that you wanna start an online business. Honestly, who doesn’t..

But still, I think I should sell you the concept even more, and give you 10 reasons why you really should pursue this noble dream.

10 good reasons why starting an online business might be for you

1. Choose your own hours & set up a schedule that works for you

When you have your own online business, it’s gonna make the work part of life more fun.

I love working whenever I feel like working. You know what that gives me? A craving to work more, because I let it flow naturally.

If you are forcing yourself, you’re only creating resistance. I can’t be away from work for more than just a few days. That is why I’m never on vacation, neither am I working. It’s a lifestyle.

2. Be more happy with a business related to your passions

Assuming you start an online business that’s related to your passions and interests, you’ll be more happy overall in life just by combining work and play.

When you follow your passion and do what you love doing every day, you’ll do more than just survive, you’ll thrive. And the feeling that comes from accomplishments, is the best feeling in the world.

3. Be location independent (if you set it up right)

You can work and travel at the same time. Live wherever you want (I moved to Malta). Setup your work station on the beach, be in nature.

This ability to work from basically any place you want to, makes it so much easier. It also means you’ll make greater use of spare time.

For instance, when I’m flying, I usually take up my laptop and start writing, or read something that inspires me. Building up more momentum, getting a mental plan of what I’m going to do next.

4. There are no limits, no income roof, and infinite opportunity

Your ideas and radical action are the things that sets your success (and limits). Many online businesses are very scalable and doesn’t have a lot of bottle necks with production or logistics.

5. You can start your online business today

There is no need for training or education. Learn by doing and don’t allow excuses to get in your way. Any information and resources you need to run your business, can be learned easily by using Google or surrounding yourself with people who’s relevant to your passion.

An easy business is to start an affiliate marketing website and get commissions from products.

6. Be 100% independent

You will create your own world and rely purely upon yourself, which by the way is a very amazing feeling. Your belief systems will try to limit you, but if you understand how it really works, you can remove the limits for yourself.

7. Get more time for other things in life

With running your own business, and relying fully on yourself, you’ll get a new perspective on time. You might find yourself stop watching TV, and do more things that you really enjoy.

8. Realize life is more than just money

Having sufficient funds in your bank account, and being able to do the things you want does feel amazing on so many levels, but it also makes you realize that money alone is not sufficient to create your ultimate happiness.

9. Connect with other bright business owners

Surround yourself and connect with more like-minded people. Find people that share your dream and choose more relevant work colleagues.

10. Get more insight on how to run a big business

If you want to take the big step and start being your own boss, online businesses is usually an easier place to begin.

Affiliate marketing for instance, might just be a good start, since it doesn’t need any largerΒ investments, also you can literally start right now. You’ll learn a lot about running a business and how things work in reality, and not on paper. Gives you a lot of advantages if the day comes when you’re going to handle a much larger and more complicated business.

Start an online business and enjoy the journey

Create your own world, or someone will create it for you, and you may not likeΒ the result. That’s something I remember hearing somewhere, which is a very true statement.

You have been told that the only way to success is to work hard, and torture yourself until you’ve reached the destination. What they missed telling you is that enjoying the journey is half of the success.

The only way to truly be successful, is to feel good while working on your dream. Because, chances are high, that when you have reached your destination, you have set other goals and dreams, and you’ll be in a constant state of chase (which is unavoidable in a sense, but at least you’re enjoying the process).

Whatever it is that you do, it’s important to get pleasure out from it. Not on a 24/7 basis, but if it’s more energy depleting than generating, you might be on the wrong path.


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Johannes Larsson
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