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Thoughts about the normal lifestyle

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Time is 00:04, thinking loudly about the idea of the normal lifestyle. I have always been a “rebel”, even before I had any thoughts of starting my own business. I’m frankly not sure why or what caused it. I used to feel a bit abnormal and Read More

My 5 techniques to quit any addiction

Those who do not find time for health will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Being healthy for me has become a much higher priority than before. I’m feeling better than ever, and I don’t get sick anymore. Do you know how much energy that saves me? I Read More

6 powerful mindsets I enforce to reach my dreams

I have been out travelling for the last 4 months, having a lovely time. Spending some time on my own, my mind easily gets occupied with dreams and how to improve my mindset to reach them.  I really feel like sharing my perspective on some of the most powerful mindsets that I’m enforcing every day to Read More

10 reasons why you should run an online based business

Create your own world, or someone will create it for you, and you may not like the result. That’s something I remember hearing somewhere, which is a very true statement. You have been told that the only way to success is to work hard, and torture yourself until you’ve reached the Read More

Living in Malta – viewpoint from an internet entrepreneur

As I have been living in Malta for about 5 years now, I feel experienced enough to write a review about this island. I came here January 2012 and have been living here pretty much full time since then, except for some months every year that I spent in my home country Sweden and some Read More

10 relaxing lounge collections that will make you work better

I am metal head and I love a song with it’s fair share of screaming and growling in it, but I recently discovered that there is music that suits me much better while working. This music makes me more creative. It makes me feel more like being in a flow and Read More

How to avoid getting your Google Adsense account suspended

When I began my earning-money-online-journey, I was using Google Adsense on my websites and kind of depended on that income. I was scared and anxious about being suspended since I heard and read about a lot of people who got suspended out of the blue and without being given a valid reason Read More

8 reasons why earning more money will make you happier

Some people think that money makes you unhappy, that it brings more bad than good. I don’t see it that way. While money is not everything in life, it surely is a big deal for me, and probably for you too. And I don’t mean that in a kind of Read More

Failing is a good thing, here’s why

If you don’t dare to fail, you are as you read this failing miserably. A common misunderstanding for most people is the meaning of failing. People generally confuse failure with downfall and negativity. You think that if you fail, you’ve lost a battle of war and the world will end Read More

Happy easter from Malta

Happy Easter everyone. Hope your day was lovely. We celebrated Easter by hanging out in the sun, working a couple of hours, went to the gym, and then finished off with a nice barbecue with my family who’s visiting from Sweden. We had a pleasant day here in the Maltese Islands, Read More

My plans and goals for 2014

I have finally decided to start blogging. I’m not promising it will be on a weekly or even monthly basis, but just whenever I feel like killing some time and writing about work or life in general. In this post I’m going to share plans and goals for 2014, both Read More

Merry christmas everyone!

Hi. I’d just like to wish everyone a merry christmas from a grey and rainy Stockholm. I might start to blog here 2014. Enjoy.