Best Work From Home Jobs & Remote Companies To Work For 2024
The Best Work From Home Jobs & Remote Companies To Work For

The Best Work From Home Jobs & Remote Companies To Work For

We all agree that remote work is the way to go.

The ability to create one's own schedule and work from any location can lead to better work-life balance, which in turn can result in increased job satisfaction and overall work productivity.

It can also improve the overall well-being of the worker by reducing stress and increasing job satisfaction. All these benefits make remote work a great option for many individuals.

But it's important to find remote work that is well suited to your passions and skillsets.

Additionally, you would want to work for remote companies that offers an opportunity to grow and takes their people seriously.

In this blog post, I'm sharing the best work from home jobs for 2024, as well as the best remote companies to work for.

If you're want to learn how to land remote work easily, read this blog post on how to work from home.

Best work from home jobs: 15 most popular online jobs

At home jobs have really expanded majorly. You can do almost anything, as long as it’s something that can be done virtually.

What will be the best work from home jobs for you will depend on what you have passion and talent for.

Some jobs are more common in the work from home industry though. Below, you’ll find a list of online jobs that you could easily find from any freelancing website.

1. Data entry/typing

Data entry is one of the most common work from home jobs that doesn't require much experience.

If you are a speedy typist, you could easily find a data entry or transcriptionist job.

Data entry and typing jobs can be tiresome though, so these are the best for people who love being detail-oriented and don’t mind more mundane tasks.

Since data entry is not really the toughest job out there, competition can also be pretty fierce among applicants.

2. Writing and editing

If you’re a true wordsmith, your skills will be very valuable! Editing, proofreading, writing – there are hundreds of content-related online jobs popping up every day!

Quality really matters here. If you're able to produce high quality content, people will pay you premium prices.

If you’re skillful, you can easily make a full salary out of writing or editing content. Or it could become your part time work from home, in addition to your regular job.

3. Translating

Another entry level work from home job is translating. Fairly easy, as long as you have language in your blood.

If you know several languages and you’re linguistically awesome, translating can really turn into a good sized income source.

Similarly to good writers, there’s always a lack of good translators who are reliable, fast, and produce high-quality results.

4. Call center worker

If you don’t mind selling something, you could work in telemarketing or call centers. At most, you need a good computer with a functioning microphone for this.

Call center workers are not typically paid too much. This work from home job can suit people who need to take an online job temporarily.

5. Customer service representative

Customer service work is not for everyone. If you love talking to people, you can find tons of customer rep jobs that are doable online.

One of the best work from home jobs if you're good with people and service minded. Definitely a good opportunity for the right person.

6. Tutoring

Do you like teaching?

If you’re knowledgeable in some field, you could give online classes or become an online tutor. There are plenty of companies looking for great educators!

Some remote companies will pay you really well for this, as long as you're highly skilled.

7. Marketing

Learning online marketing is the best thing you can do if you want to create a good work from home opportunity for yourself long-term.

Online marketing is a growing niche that gets more popular with every passing day. Email marketing, SEO, digital marketing in general – there are plenty of opportunities.

What’s even better, many companies are just looking for “fresh meat” with the right mindset, and new team members will get taught all the basics. So, you might not even need experience in the field!

8. Accounting

Accounting can easily be done remotely. If you have the right experience, this could be a good remote job for you. These jobs usually require a license or a degree.

However, you might find bookkeeping jobs that don’t require special licenses. This is also a great way to get your foot between the accounting world’s door!

9. Art and design

The sky is the limit with this one. From photography to animation to logo design or website creation – there are thousands of companies looking for skillful remote artists!

You can either work directly for a company, or sell your own photos through Stockphoto-websites. As an image editor, you can also offer your services to freelance clients who need their photos retouched or edited for their personal or business needs.

10. Web development/programming

Probably one of the best online jobs you can find – if you wanna make a lot of money working remotely.

Computer science is one of the most sought-after industries right now and also one with the highest salary numbers.

These jobs require special skills though, but you can also easily learn different programming skills online via virtual courses.

11. Managing social media

Social media is really mainstream, and still grows every year. If you got the right skills, you could land an online job managing social media accounts – and make really good money from it.

More and more people are outsourcing social media work. If you love Instagram or Facebook, you could be an awesome social media manager!

12. Virtual assistant

Another entry level work from home job. Anyone can do it, but you need good work morals.

Some companies or CEOs simply need someone to help them out with a variety of tasks. Answering emails, posting on social media, organizing their calendar – virtual assistants can cover a range of tasks.

At most, you just need to be a very efficient person with great social skills. With these two virtues under your belt, you’d make a great VA!

13. Event planning

If you’re the “Monica” among your friends, all kinds of planning and organizing jobs fit well for you. Plenty of companies search for remote assistants who could help them with planning events.

Not as high demand, but you can definitely find plenty of work from home jobs in this industry.

14. Consulting

One of the first online jobs ever created.

From nutrition to mental health to business – if you have specific skills or experience in any field, you could become an online consultant.

Consulting doesn’t require a face to face meeting in most cases, so you can find hundreds of consulting jobs online.

15. Researching

Researching can be a very mundane work, but if you love hunting facts and googling for information, this is the niche for you. You can help out medical companies, legal offices, or any other businesses that need to do some digging around the web.

Key takeaway

There’s an online job for every skill and every desire. Figure out what you like to do and the rest is pretty easy. Put in your heart and soul and you’ll soon find your first remote job (that you’ll actually enjoy too).

Top 10 best remote companies to work for

There's a lot of work from home jobs out there. Not all companies offer the same amount of freedom, perks and salary.

Here's the 10 absolute best remote companies to work for.

1. Zapier

Zapier is a very well-known company that focuses on creating effortless integrations between apps, so you could work more efficiently. This principle carries over to their hiring system – Zapier is (and always has been) a 100% remote company!

I have personally heard a lot of great things about Zapier, which is why I'm putting this as the best remote company to work for.

Perks of working for Zapier:

  • Fun team retreats
  • Profit sharing
  • Huge global community within their employees
  • Healthcare coverage and retirement plans (US, UK and Canada)

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Similarly to Zapier, we at have always worked remotely. My humble one-man project has now turned into a powerful financial comparison site across 26 markets. If you're passionate about online marketing and you're eager to learn and grow, you might be a great fit for our team!

This is one of the best remote companies to work for if you like the idea of a performance based salary and getting profit share.

Perks of working for

  • Complete control over your schedule – no set work schedules
  • Fun and adventurous work retreats
  • Possibility for profit sharing
  • Very supportive and highly motivated team
  • Motivating milestones, bonuses and much more

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3. Automattic

Automattic is a software company that has single-handedly changed the way we view blogging and website creation. The thing is, Automattic is the company behind WordPress, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and many other publishing-related tools.

Though Automattic is primarily looking for software wizards, they have plenty of open positions in marketing, administration, legal, etc. All 100% remote!

Perks of working for Automattic:

  • Coworking allowances
  • Company-sponsored life insurance
  • Open parental leave
  • Wellness reimbursements and other benefits

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4. GitHub

GitHub is a development platform that aims to make it easier for software teams to collaborate. Every person who has ever participated in development knows how messy things can get! That's exactly what makes GitHub so brilliant.

Perks of working for GitHub:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Yearly budget for books, conferences or any other learning goals
  • Up to 40 hours/year in volunteering credit 
  • Internships available (real work experience)

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5. Clevertech

Clevertech creates various software solutions for their clients. Whatever the client needs, they can deliver! Their team helps to develop whole products, starting from designing and ending with deployment. Mobile solutions, VR, blockchain development services, machine learning – Clevertech's range is huge.

Perks of working for Clevertech:

  • One month paid time off
  • Various trainings and teachings for personal growth
  • Personal development fund
  • Tenure-based rewards

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6. Doist

Doist is one of the few companies that has always been fully remote. Their core is made of 2 apps: a to-do app called Todoist and a communication app for teams, called Twist. Actually, they call Twist the best alternative to Slack!

Perks of working for Doist:

  • Recurring budget for conferences, cources, books
  • Annual work retreats
  • Recurring budget for work-related equipment
  • Monthly budget for health and wellness

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7. Toptal

Toptal is the largest 100% remote company globally! At its core, Toptal is a network of exclusive top-rated freelancers, so companies could find the best talent for their projects. Contrary to traditional freelance platforms, Toptal vets each and every freelancer very thoroughly to ensure that only the best of the best remain for hiring.

Perks of working for Toptal:

  • Various networking events and workshops
  • Paid sabbatical leave
  • Very flexible jobs and opportunity to grow

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8. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is all about helping every online creator out there take their business to a new level. As their name suggests, they're building tools for better conversion rates, offering email marketing tools, landing pages, automating your sales funnel and much more.

I personally use this tool and have been having a great experience talking to the people working there.

Best remote company to work for if you value the traditional employment benefits.

Perks of working for ConvertKit:

  • 3 weeks of paid vacation plus 8 paid holidays a year
  • Profit sharing bonus
  • Equipment allowance
  • Many health benefits
  • Parental leave, 401K and many other perks

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9. MoveOn

MoveOn is quite different from all the companies above – it's an organization that enables communities to come together, create petitions, support campaigns and causes. As they say about themselves: they mobilize people for a better society.

Perks of working for MoveOn:

  • Full medical, dental and vision care coverage (for children too)
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation, 10 sick days, 6 flexible holidays, 4 all-staff holidays
  • Parental leave
  • Monthly home office subsidy, cell phone and internet stipend

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10. Toggl

Toggl is a software company that's focused on creating apps for better productivity. Their core services are made of 3 tools: a project planning tool called toggl plan, a time tracking tool called toggl track and a hiring tool – toggl hire. All these 3 help companies handle their team better and much more efficiently.

Toggl loves reimbursements, which is why it made the list of best remote companies to work for.

Perks of working for Toggl:

  • Laptop and a 2000€ budget, so you can set up your home office
  • Reimbursements for internet or coworking spaces
  • Monthly wellness reimbursements
  • 24 days of paid time off a year

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