Create ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ page

An important part of search algorithm is trust. It will help your trust score to create pages like “Contact Us” and “About Us”, and make your website look more legitimate. Having a way for the visitors to contact you can also benefit you, by receiving feedback and collaboration requests.

About Us

  • Introduce your company and explain what your website offers. It should become clear to the visitors what services or products you offer.
  • Use selling arguments and make it clear what your unique selling proposition is. Basically, how your company help people better than the competitors.
  • Display your team with avatars. This helps with trust. If it's just you, make a bigger section about yourself and share your resume as well as some personal details about yourself.

Contact us

  • Avoid writing out the email directly. Typically, I recommend using a form with captcha. That way, you'll avoid excess spam. This is a good plugin.
  • Include other methods to contact you, such as listing your social media, Skype, or phone number.
  • If possible, write your address and opening hours. Include a map to your office with Google maps.
Written by
Johannes Larsson